Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wells are chairs, right?

The most irritating ring on the cell phone is blaring announcing that it is time to get up yet again... only I don't want to, I know such a change from the normal #sarcasm.  Walking to my closet I deem that despite my going and picking up durrock, for the bathroom we are redoing, I will dress up-ish.  Is it my fault that I want to feel pretty, at least a little, when going to get essentially concrete and wire mesh?  Ok, so I am crazy but I'm ok with it so it's alright.

Dressed and dragging my poor husband out the door behind me I look around our yard and think, "where should I go today? I know that well looks ripe for the sitting!"  

I love having stories behind accessories.  The bracelet I am wearing was given to by my dearest sister.  She and I lived with each other and shared a room for most of our life and between arguments and irritations we are best friends.  For the first time in our life we were separated for 3 months when she left me for the beauty that is Ireland and when she returned she gave me this bracelet (and 2 shirts)... I can't wear it without thinking of her, and I love it for that if nothing else!

This is what I wore Wednesday: thank pleated poppy.


  1. Looks like you have beautiful weather. Great outfit!

  2. It was a great day... not too hot, I am a fan on not too hot! ;P

  3. Love the vest! I agree, the stories behind an outfit are what makes them special. My favorite piece of jewelry is a cross necklace my grandparents gave me...a month before my grandpa died. Now it's really special to me!
    Thanks for posting!
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  4. What a great story. I am sorry that your grandfather died but I am glad that you have that memory and token.