Thursday, July 14, 2011

The triple...

Just another day... but not another date.  We were super married and by that I mean we went on a triple date (us with two other couples).  Whenever we do this I think of all those cliche scene in a romantic comedy where there is one poor (not cause he/she is single but because of the jerks the married people usually are) single chick or dude a midst a horde of married couples all asking "so... who you dating"

As I mentioned before I pick one thing I want to wear well today it was the shirt and then the flower... so I found the skirt and necklace.  I left like the necklace was needed because I have yet to master feeling ok in color blocks without a diffuser. 

The visual makes me giggle inside every time.  If you haven't caught it yet I am a really imaginative person... I can't seem to help it you say man, swaddled, beach ball and I can't help but laugh... the picture is amazing.

  Ps. I always felt like triple should have three p's... 


  1. Thanks! It was in a giveaway pile I got... Love hand me downs!

  2. I know! I love that skirt too. I got it at Marshals 4 years ago and it is one of my favorites... despite of it being white and my being clutzy