Friday, July 29, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Just another one of those days... Get up and think: this outfit is going to work and oddly enough it does.  Well, kind of ;P

And yet another outfit made up entirely of hand me downs... got to love it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wells are chairs, right?

The most irritating ring on the cell phone is blaring announcing that it is time to get up yet again... only I don't want to, I know such a change from the normal #sarcasm.  Walking to my closet I deem that despite my going and picking up durrock, for the bathroom we are redoing, I will dress up-ish.  Is it my fault that I want to feel pretty, at least a little, when going to get essentially concrete and wire mesh?  Ok, so I am crazy but I'm ok with it so it's alright.

Dressed and dragging my poor husband out the door behind me I look around our yard and think, "where should I go today? I know that well looks ripe for the sitting!"  

I love having stories behind accessories.  The bracelet I am wearing was given to by my dearest sister.  She and I lived with each other and shared a room for most of our life and between arguments and irritations we are best friends.  For the first time in our life we were separated for 3 months when she left me for the beauty that is Ireland and when she returned she gave me this bracelet (and 2 shirts)... I can't wear it without thinking of her, and I love it for that if nothing else!

This is what I wore Wednesday: thank pleated poppy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chick fill moo

Now today is just a silly post.  Late to posting this but Chris and I went to get the most awesome thing: Free food.

Chickfila cow appreciation day!

Aren't I perfect.  Aren't I vogue chic?  Isn't it the most amazing outfit you have ever seen!

I even blacked out an eye for the occasion! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flashing is never a good option

One night out for a group dinner.

Flash back 2 hours to when I am getting ready.  I look around and I spot those shoes, you know the ones.  Perfectly comfortable and cute all in the same.  I decided I want to wear those having no idea what that would mean.

I break through the skirts I have and come across my "stand-by" for those shoes.  But now what top?  

Break out the hand-y-dand-y vest that works so well with pretty much everything: check.

But now I need bright.  Can't have summer without "Bright".

So out comes the bright leggings undershirt and bow!

I took a look in the mirror and decided that doing the cancan was the only option seeing as I was so Moulin Rouge

Monday, July 18, 2011

Play the accordion?

Each week I enjoy the challenge set forth by Clothed Much: Breaking rule and Meet Virginia Thrift a holics.  Take a casual silk top and put it with a polyester dress-i-er vintage bottom.

Recently I have seen accordion skirts everywhere on celebrities.  I mean everywhere.  Don't get me wrong I like them as much as the next but I was taken aback.  I haven't seen this many accordion skirts since the late 80's early 90's.  All the same about 2 months ago I came across one in a give away pile at a yard sale; I l love vintage and thrifty ness!  It took me a while to get around it but here it is.  I wore it for a birthday party we hosted for a close friend.  I had to get ready in about 7 minutes and I knew I wanted to wear my skirt so I Google image searched for some ideas and then tweaked it to make it my own. 

If you take a look at the link up above you can see the massacre that is our home after the party.  Eeek!

Side note: my husband was raised in a military family and they are big on lawns and grass.  I was raised if it is green why fight it.  We have, after many discussions, come to an agreement: we will finish the inside of our house before we do anything outside so we have a nice large yard of beautiful different varieties of weeds!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The triple...

Just another day... but not another date.  We were super married and by that I mean we went on a triple date (us with two other couples).  Whenever we do this I think of all those cliche scene in a romantic comedy where there is one poor (not cause he/she is single but because of the jerks the married people usually are) single chick or dude a midst a horde of married couples all asking "so... who you dating"

As I mentioned before I pick one thing I want to wear well today it was the shirt and then the flower... so I found the skirt and necklace.  I left like the necklace was needed because I have yet to master feeling ok in color blocks without a diffuser. 

The visual makes me giggle inside every time.  If you haven't caught it yet I am a really imaginative person... I can't seem to help it you say man, swaddled, beach ball and I can't help but laugh... the picture is amazing.

  Ps. I always felt like triple should have three p's... 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breaking Thrift Fabulous?

Glam fabulous, those were the words for which you were looking.  I took on a challenge today from three amazing bloggers.  I took on "bloggers do it better" by Pretty Shinny Sparkly, I took on "Thriftaholics Weekly" by Meet Virginia Design and I took on "Breaking rules"  but Clothed Much.  

When I read the bloggers do it better challenge I was so sad because for the life of me I couldn't think of a Glam skirt that I owned... I was baffled at the gaping hole in my waredrobe!  How is it that I don't have a "glam" skirt.  Then I realized I did... only it wasn't one you would think of.  You know those weddings... "those" bridesmaid dresses, well one of mind was a two piece so I accepted the challenge and was going to make this less than fabulous skirt, glamorous!

Now the thrift challenge did just as she wished it got me out thrifting.  Instead of breaking the thrifting habit her goal is to get you out and thrifting and I did just that I picked up this belt and shirt!

When I read the "breaking rules" I decided I might as well accept the challenge since I already was to a point... I mean, I'm pretty sure that some where in the long think fashion dictionary that rewearing a "prom" like dress skirt is a no no let alone putting it with something casual enough to actually wear out!

I may have failed but the process was enough fun that it was worth it... You can let me know:

Was it Glam/fabulous as you know well
Was it .... something else ;p

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dress me up

Everyone played with dress ups...ok well maybe not everyone but I sure did!

This dress, believe it or not is actually from my childhood dress up box... it didn't fit me as a child, boy I would have been a large child if it did!

I love retro dresses... but I don't like the price tag that comes with it, well mainly I can't afford it.  I have a "zero" budget for clothes.  Ok, it's not really zero but it is pretty close.  Thus making dresses and begging for hand-me-downs.

What's really funny about it is I feel like my young self all over again when I put this dress on.  A world full of possibilities... I feel like I can be the actor/doctor/model/cashier (yes, I really wanted to be a cashier... at a grocery store) that I wanted to be.  That an hour is a lifetime. But mainly I feel pretty.  Did you play dress up?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My back pack has jets...

So just another day going to the coffee house to take care of well... this and my other blogs (home, photo, and personal thoughts) then on to lunch with my dear husband, Chris.

When I pick out an outfit I do it very specifically.  What I mean by that is I find one thing I really want to wear.  You know that one thing that you like but you haven't found a way to wear it or simply you want to wear it a different way.  

This outfit wasn't any different.  I recently, and by that I mean that day, got this shirt, the I heart nerds, and really wanted to wear it.  Problem number one: it is a causal shirt and I wanted to wear a skirt (I don't own much to any casual skirt... well now casual enough to wear with a t-shirt anyhow).  Problem number two: it is a basically see through shirt (being summer layering, at least for me... bit hot natured, is out of the question).  So I sat, more figurative though crouching I did fall over on my rump a few times so I guess literal too, and peered longingly for something I didn't own to appear.  Alas that wasn't meant to be.  I was about to give up the plight of the "nerds" T when my husband saw me and says, "going to wear the vest over that, it's kind of see through?"  

It was  like a light bulb went off... I have NOOO idea where the this amazing realization hit me: I should wear my vest over it.  Solves both problems in one stride, and along the way I broke a fashion rule: T-shirts and dressy skirts or in other words if you are wearing casual be casual and if you are wearing dressy wear dressy.  I'm amazing I know... I just wish I knew where my genius really came from.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ironic how an un-patriotism is our patriotism!

The colors red, white, and blue are in so many flags.  Our flag looks very similar with its color choice and stars to so many others, but it is our flag.

I find it ironic that, much like Nicolas Cage says in National Treasure, our country is actually founded on an unpatriotic act.  We would be Britain 2.0 in another dimension.  Not that I have any issues with  England or the British Isles (I can't really cause that's my hertiage) but I am glad that our dimension happened as it did.  For all it's issues and debt (don't get me started on the later) I am glad for the country in which I have been raised.  But that doesn't stop me found giggling a little at its start... treason.

All the same it is a great day to celebrate out independence!

Happy 4th, I'm celebrating mine at a friends house by a lake.  I'll be sporting my red, white and blue, basking in the cool water and enjoying grilled foods... what about you?