Monday, July 4, 2011

Ironic how an un-patriotism is our patriotism!

The colors red, white, and blue are in so many flags.  Our flag looks very similar with its color choice and stars to so many others, but it is our flag.

I find it ironic that, much like Nicolas Cage says in National Treasure, our country is actually founded on an unpatriotic act.  We would be Britain 2.0 in another dimension.  Not that I have any issues with  England or the British Isles (I can't really cause that's my hertiage) but I am glad that our dimension happened as it did.  For all it's issues and debt (don't get me started on the later) I am glad for the country in which I have been raised.  But that doesn't stop me found giggling a little at its start... treason.

All the same it is a great day to celebrate out independence!

Happy 4th, I'm celebrating mine at a friends house by a lake.  I'll be sporting my red, white and blue, basking in the cool water and enjoying grilled foods... what about you?


  1. Happy Independence Day! Funny how when we stop and think about things we find how strange/ironic some things really are, right? I spent my day at home, in my jammies, sleeping, watching DVDs, and being LAZY! Yes to FREEDOM!


  2. Sounds like a pretty fantastic day!