Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My back pack has jets...

So just another day going to the coffee house to take care of well... this and my other blogs (home, photo, and personal thoughts) then on to lunch with my dear husband, Chris.

When I pick out an outfit I do it very specifically.  What I mean by that is I find one thing I really want to wear.  You know that one thing that you like but you haven't found a way to wear it or simply you want to wear it a different way.  

This outfit wasn't any different.  I recently, and by that I mean that day, got this shirt, the I heart nerds, and really wanted to wear it.  Problem number one: it is a causal shirt and I wanted to wear a skirt (I don't own much to any casual skirt... well now casual enough to wear with a t-shirt anyhow).  Problem number two: it is a basically see through shirt (being summer layering, at least for me... bit hot natured, is out of the question).  So I sat, more figurative though crouching I did fall over on my rump a few times so I guess literal too, and peered longingly for something I didn't own to appear.  Alas that wasn't meant to be.  I was about to give up the plight of the "nerds" T when my husband saw me and says, "going to wear the vest over that, it's kind of see through?"  

It was  like a light bulb went off... I have NOOO idea where the this amazing realization hit me: I should wear my vest over it.  Solves both problems in one stride, and along the way I broke a fashion rule: T-shirts and dressy skirts or in other words if you are wearing casual be casual and if you are wearing dressy wear dressy.  I'm amazing I know... I just wish I knew where my genius really came from.


  1. I know isn't it! I got it in a giveaway pile and looked like Gollum pulling it to myself and petting it as I said, "my precious"