Friday, July 8, 2011

Dress me up

Everyone played with dress ups...ok well maybe not everyone but I sure did!

This dress, believe it or not is actually from my childhood dress up box... it didn't fit me as a child, boy I would have been a large child if it did!

I love retro dresses... but I don't like the price tag that comes with it, well mainly I can't afford it.  I have a "zero" budget for clothes.  Ok, it's not really zero but it is pretty close.  Thus making dresses and begging for hand-me-downs.

What's really funny about it is I feel like my young self all over again when I put this dress on.  A world full of possibilities... I feel like I can be the actor/doctor/model/cashier (yes, I really wanted to be a cashier... at a grocery store) that I wanted to be.  That an hour is a lifetime. But mainly I feel pretty.  Did you play dress up?


  1. i loved dress up and I deff wanted to be a cashier when I grew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. okay that was me amanda manning not my mom

  3. What is is about a scanner that makes kids go wild?

  4. I never wanted to be a cashier. It seemed very boring to me. I wanted to be a veterinarian ;)
    Very nice dress by the way - great shots.

  5. I like animals but not enough to be a veterinarian but I think it is adorable that you wanted to be!

    Thanks for the compliment, the shots where done by my loving husband!

  6. Hi there! Lovely blog, i followed you :)
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    hope you'll check it out!!!


  7. I love this dress on you! The pattern is so fun! Something about dresses in the summer...I agree:)

  8. thanks for all the compliments. I know... there is something about the summer and dresses!