Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breaking Thrift Fabulous?

Glam fabulous, those were the words for which you were looking.  I took on a challenge today from three amazing bloggers.  I took on "bloggers do it better" by Pretty Shinny Sparkly, I took on "Thriftaholics Weekly" by Meet Virginia Design and I took on "Breaking rules"  but Clothed Much.  

When I read the bloggers do it better challenge I was so sad because for the life of me I couldn't think of a Glam skirt that I owned... I was baffled at the gaping hole in my waredrobe!  How is it that I don't have a "glam" skirt.  Then I realized I did... only it wasn't one you would think of.  You know those weddings... "those" bridesmaid dresses, well one of mind was a two piece so I accepted the challenge and was going to make this less than fabulous skirt, glamorous!

Now the thrift challenge did just as she wished it got me out thrifting.  Instead of breaking the thrifting habit her goal is to get you out and thrifting and I did just that I picked up this belt and shirt!

When I read the "breaking rules" I decided I might as well accept the challenge since I already was to a point... I mean, I'm pretty sure that some where in the long think fashion dictionary that rewearing a "prom" like dress skirt is a no no let alone putting it with something casual enough to actually wear out!

I may have failed but the process was enough fun that it was worth it... You can let me know:

Was it Glam/fabulous as you know well
Was it .... something else ;p


  1. I love the colors! I feel as though that skirt has some more life to it! I can imagine it hemmed/shortened to mid calf or knee length and created into a pencil skirt...or maybe even a full skirt. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for your thoughts! I actually just gave it away to a girl who needed a "prom" type dress... figured I should keep the set together.

  3. Love the color of this skirt. GORGEOUS!

  4. Thanks! I know, it so bright and crisp.

  5. That scarf looks so cute!