Friday, August 5, 2011

Travel with style?

I know that you are supposed to travel in business attire to be first choice for first class... I lean on the I want to be comfortable when I travel side but that's just me.

For our recent trip I decided to try and look cute instead of rocking Pj's... thought this was a bit more appropriate.  Rocked out my thrifted necklace and vest and was on my way.

I also tend towards being cold on planes... why?  I don't know you should ask the airlines why they like it feeling like an icebox! ;P


  1. FUN! I've never been able to rock the vest thing.

  2. You so could... you just don't know it

  3. Great thrift finds, I'm really into vests and waistcoats right now! I ALWAYS feel cold on planes too. Thanks for sharing on Recycled Fashion Finds!