Monday, August 1, 2011


No I don't mean that we are going to have a heart warming memorry of years past that have some deep meaning to me.  Much less self important: I mean a fashion flash back.  Yes I did wear this all about town doing what I need to do.  Why?  Just because honestly.  I looked in my closet at one of those items that you at times wonder why you still own it since it isn't the most flattering when you look in the mirror and it isn't the most versitile but then you put it on and forget about your notion to get ride of it.  Does this ever happen to you?

Being the youngest of five, I am no stranger to hand me downs however in my family whether boy or girl the clothes were handed down.  This particular shirt was handed down from oldest to youngest, switched hands 5 times.  It is well worn and is far from fitted since it is a male shirt by design yet some how, despite what I know I actually look like in it, I feel cute and comfortable each time I wear it.  As soon as I look in the mirror I get a large awakening... my solution: don't look in mirrors!

No, my solution isn't the sensible choice of getting ride of the guys shirt that is over 2 decades old but instead avoid seeing my reflection. . . I cannot explain it save for apparently I'm crazy.  And I am in good company!

This week I took on two challengers again: Clothed Much (breaking rules) and Meet Virginia (thirft-a-holic weekly).  The rule broken is a bit (just a bit) obvious  #sarcasm : Looking like I walked out of the 80's.

As to the thrift-y-ness (yes, the Y is needed ;P) that comes down the shorts and socks ( must admit are indeed thrifted but they did have tags still on them, in my defense)

What about you?  Do you wear what you know you shouldn't or keep you know that you won't wear?

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  1. oh I think we all do that! I'm always like, well maybe I might wear it...someday. Silly silly Heather. Still, its fun to wear things that you almost feel you shouldn't makes it feel like an adventure! Thanks for sharing!

    -Heather from