Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrifting vintage makes me feel like I am stealing

When get great finds I feel like Gollum... my back starts to hunch as I claw the item to my chest.  I don't pet it... most of the time.

This outfit wasn't any different.  The whole outfit is fully thrifted, thanks to ___ for challenging me to put logs onto the ever growing thriftaholic fire,... ok, save for the necklace: it was a gift from my grandmother.  I got the skirt, shirt, purse at a yard sale and the bracelet was in one of those piles of giveaway that have filtered through my home. 

You can clean in this right?  I guess not but it is great for making your way through your small downtown to a great little spot to write... too bad to, I really wanted to clean?

My poor husband is stuck taking my photos everyday and it isn't his favorite thing...  I make his stop his early morning ritual to come out and take pictures of me in my outfits... and then I act silly, point in fact:

The sad face is because he told me I couldn't smile... so I did exactly that, NOT smile ;P


  1. This whole outfit is gorgeous! You look so pretty! You're so lucky, thrifting is no where near as good here in the UK.

  2. You'll have to come and visit to get your fill... It isn't always great but when I find it is amazing. There is a great shop in downtown Greensboro, NC (bout 2 hours from where I am) that is an amazing vintage store. We have a couple here but none as good as that... or in my experience

  3. Beautiful outfit! I wish I had your luck when thrifting. :) I need to start hitting the yard sales again. Miss it!

  4. Oh god, the rush of a good thrift! And I love your outfit. Such a lovely combination!

    Driftwood and Daydreams