Friday, August 26, 2011

Beach on your face

So when you can't go to the beach what do you do?

I don't know what you do but I apparently crimp my hair, done some linen and 2 shell necklaces.
So thanks for the thrift challenge cause I rocked my beach look by the fruits of that challenge (shirt and necklace)

Next time I feel like the beach I want to go!  Have you enjoyed a nice vacation this year?


  1. LOVE your hair crimped! I so need to take you shopping with me, my own personal clothing stylist!

  2. Your hair looks sooo pretty! And i love the delicate lace detail on the top, so good! :)

  3. Love the idea of dressing according to where you want to be!! Hair crimping - wow its been years since I've tried it, how fun! Luckily, we live walking distance to the beach, so we get our fix if we want to when we want, however, it is always the case of the grass is greener.. I crave rainforests!

  4. I would LOVE to see a post about the basics of what you should have in your closet! Or.. a beginners guide to fashion for people like me :)