Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm melting, I'm melting...

So this is what happens to me in direct sunlight, my eyes melt: literally.  Excuse the bad pictures of my face and just pay attention to the clothes underneath.  

For me every outfit has an origin story. This one started with me being given this blue thing.  I'm assuming it is a top.  As you can see in the picture it doesn't really work as a top for me, not by itself anyway (I'm not a big fan of my ladies hanging out there, though they will have to say excuse me from time to time, not always spacial aware if you know what I mean.).  But anyway the top.  I looked at it and really wanted to use it in something so.... (drum roll please for the very simple answer) I thought layering.

From there a few minutes later I had picked out this.  My thought process:
The blue is bold and flowy
If I wear a flowy top with a flowy bottom it will kind of be like a new styled Moo-moo
Blue is bold, if I go to mate (like black) it will be stark.
Jewel tone?  sure, let's try it

Really intelligent right?  I thought so.

Remember the best thing about fashion: don't believe what you hear from other people.  Wear what you feel pretty in (so long as you don't lie to yourself: no one feels pretty in a moo moo), and yes this goes without almost all exceptions  (with shoulder pads just say no, they make your neck short and that's never a good thing for slimming).  

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