Monday, February 6, 2012

C'ind of Couture

Sadly this was as big and teased I could get my hair right now... so foggy.

I'm a big fan of couture.  I get that when you see the fashion shows you wonder who would actually wear that out.

I have the answer.


I know it is ridiculous to actually wear a bird on your head or to have hair bigger than the rest of you. . . I don't care I think it is fabulous and I love it.

Give me a birds nest in the coiled mess that once was hair.
Give me a skirt made from legos.
Give me a dress with sleeves bigger than my head.

I will take them all (for free... because I'm poor) and I will rock them all.



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  1. You do rock everything that you wear. I love it!

  2. This scarf is so flamenco! I'm sure it would look fabulous tied around your waist as well.

    Cable Car Couture