Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday (Aah, aaaah...)

I love hats... a bit too much depending on who you ask.  Pretty sure one of the first gifts I gave my husband was a hat.  People say they are not hat people but what that means is two fold: 
You haven't found a hat that you like enough
You don't like people looking at you/confidence

Generally it is true that wearing a hat brings/marks some attention but not as much as you would think.  The best way to wear a hat is confidently.  No matter how silly the hat, if you wear it like you're owning it no one will look twice but if you look like someone placed a dunce cap on your head, unsure expression and wrinkles of worry...

So I challenge you go out and find a hat, any hat and try it.  There is so much about an outfit that can be forgiven if there is a hat.  Pretty sure that you could wear the same outfit two days in a row and not many will notice.  All attention is drawn to the hat, because it is unique.  Not many people don hats, to be honest makes me a little sad.  

Do you take the challenge?  I'd love to see it if you do!

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