Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy adventuresome

So I am pretty sure the cardigans are the best thing ever.  I have a friend who is the master of all things layering.  I mean she talk me, by wearing it, that you can totally layer sweaters over sweaters and still look cute.  This is not a concept that I have completely come to heart cause she is tiny and so all things look great on her.  But I am treading carefully into that arena, I like the idea: adds a whole new "layer" to a look (yes the pun was necessary!).  

So what about you: have you heard or seen an "new" style/look you want to try out?  Be adventure some with me (cause you know it is crazy to wear two sweaters, right?)


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  1. I love cardigans too. I have a huge fisherman's cardi from Motel that I'm rarely seen without. If I don't have that then it's a sheep print cardigan from River Island.

    Currently both are in the wash so I'm stuck with a boring jersey cardigan. Where's my wool!

  2. You look pretty!Loving the color of the cardy!

  3. Adorable cardigan! I love them too.