Friday, December 9, 2011

Mood Sweater

Do you ever get in a particular mood because of clothes?  Maybe it is the High School actress in me but when I put on clothes I almost become a character.  In this particular outfit I felt like old country money.  You know deep georgia accent and a girl who knows here way round a plot of land and horses.  None of these things are true about me but I couldn't help but try my best at a southern accent on occasion, so we all know: I am terrible at "southern".  Chris turned to me and asked, "I'm sorry but what is THAT supposed to be?"  I couldn't help but face the truth once more: I cannot do a southern accent if my life depended on it, only enough since I have been south of the Mason Dixon line for a great portion of my life.

Oh well, I will have to give up my dreams of ever being a fully rounded actress capable of so many different accents.


  1. Very nice! The attempt at a southern accent takes me back! Reminisce here:

  2. I didn't know you still had that account!