Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quick, Simple, Gone.

Simple.  Not always on my list but when I'm in a rush it is my best friend.  You don't have to go elaborate to look cute but it can be fun.  Not so much fun when in a tush though.  

I often start an outfit with one piece.  Something I really want to wear.  This particular outfit: was the greenish sweater.  I recently got it and I wanted to make it's debut.  Then based on the sweater and how it was going to lay I chose the pants, then the undershirt because of it's neckline then came the boots (had to be boots since it's that time of year), head band and necklace.  It all came together in less then five minutes!

Quick, simple, gone.  Can do.  Go do!  Have fun see what happens in 5 minutes or less... if nothing else it could be super silly!


  1. that cardi's gunna be lovely for the festive season.. And wow! Those boots are beauties!!! Lucky u!!
    Rachel :)

  2. Don't you love when it all comes together so easily!