Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello it's me again. . .

It's Black Friday... I think this "holiday" gets a bad rap.  I go out every year, never for big ticket items but I enjoy the people rushing around, the event, the spectacle of it all.  I enjoy watching a mother of four wiggle way past a large group of people to lay her hands on that desktop she wanted.  I enjoy the men in line up front holding the basket as if were a nest of small children.  YES, some people go crazy in sane: this I don't understand but it is fun to watch an almost animal instinct come out in people (pretty sure someone should do, if they haven't already, a study on the effects of Black Friday on our culture.   Well to those out there who now resting from your adventures early this morning I wish you: rest well.  To the rest of you: I hope that your Black Friday is exactly what you wish it to be!

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  1. I am a people-watcher too, but I'm not brave enough to venture to the malls today! Maybe tomorrow, when some of the frenzy has diminished. Happy weekend to you!