Friday, November 4, 2011


Yes, yes.  I know that Halloween was on Monday.  I am a slacker but I am ok with it. *Insert "winning grin" here

You wanna know why I am ok with slacking?  Probably not but I will tell you anyhow:

My husband, Chris, and I are doing NaNoWriMo this year.  Is that no one in the back asking?  I would be glad to answer!

It is a collection of people who are mentally unstable that decided, do to their instability, to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, during the month of November.  

Like I said, we are all a little unstable... We would have to be to do this right?

On to even more awesome subject: my Halloween costume.  Can you guess?  I will be sad if no one gets it.

I'll give you some hints:
1. I am a character on a TV show
2. I made my debu in a wedding dress
3. I am a tad whinny and self obsessed.
and  if you haven't gotten it by now. . .
4.  I work at "Central Perk"

The deranged man standing next to me was my husband Chris, in this shot however he is not "Chris".  With his costume I will tell you who he is... otherwise I am pretty sure no one would get it.

He is the actor, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler on friends when he was on Cocaine , if you didn't know Matthew Perry, though a wonderful actor and from all I can tell in interviews a great guy, has had some substance abuse problems.  If you recall in the show Chandler goes really thin two times. . . yea. . . Well that is the reference Chris is making.

I hope if you aren't confused enough you'll let me know how your Halloween went. . . seeing as I haven't' asked thus far. 


  1. Ha! I just watched the wedding dress debut episode last night! Cute idea!