Friday, September 2, 2011

Personal Thrifting

So I mentioned in passing in a tweet that I met up with my dear sister in law to go a-thrifting.   Rambling Heather has the problem of seeing style she likes but doesn't know how to make it her own: ie the problem everybody has ;P

So we decided to meet and do personal shopping "Crinkle style"/ cheap.  Unfortunately near my house there are only 3 consignment shops, 1 really expensive (I'm sorry but I won't pay $15 for a used shirt) and 2 Goodwills.  So we went to the two good wills and to Target (their clearance section can be a great place to find cheap tops!)

 Step one at a Goodwill: must walk around and enjoy all the random things you can find, like lit reindeer in end of summer, walls and walls of books and VHS's (because if you listen to the Beeper King "technology is cyclical").
 In the process of finding all the weird and off the wall stuff you can find really cool stuff.  I found this pretty cook end table that needed refinishing but they wanted $25 for it, sorry, not worth it, but then again I am super cheap as cheap can be.

 Yet another one of those things that cause you to stop and tilt your head.  This dress??? was in the woman's dress section.  Rambling Heather and I had a nice long discussion about whether this was a woman's dress and if so who might be able to fit in it.  My guess: pygmy with a love a deep V-necks

I both love and hate the way Goodwill organizes their clothes.  It's great when I am looking for a certain color pair of pants or top... not so great when I want to just browse in my size.  Either way it is such a hopeful sight to me, rows and rows of endless possibilities 

It was too great, when going from one Goodwill to the next I felt like I was a kid again at my old CPU playing Oregon Trail... 

only no one died of Gout this time...

Nothing so fun as low prices... well to a super tight wad: me

Rambling Heather loading up on her new found treasures!

Once we finished with the 2 Goodwills we were off to Target and there end of summer clearance!  We walked away with a nice light short sleeved sweater with eyelet details for a whopping 3.24!  All in a day in the life with Personal shopping with Crinkle!

You'll notice that each time I mention Rambling Heather, save for this time, there is a link attached but what you might not have noticed is that they are all different links.  My exorbitantly talented sister in law keeps three blogs, on top of everything else but I will let you learn about her from well... her ;P


  1. Ahhh You know I know a good thrift store :) Looks like you guys had fun!! I have been craving to go so bad lately but haven't had any money ha ha I guess i will have to work with what I have home for now!! Happy Friday!!

  2. You guys are so cute. I'm a GW junkie myself. If you have time stop over to see some on my finds from today. Incredible!

  3. I'm so horrible at thrifting. My brother goes every week and loves it and finds the greatest treasures! I go and don't know where to start. Haha, I must learn from you! ; )

  4. I'd love to take you thrifting! It's so much fun to dress up someone.

  5. Haha ok, I HAVE to correct you (only because I live here...) It's OREGON Trail! Like the state, not like the body parts.. ;)

  6. Thanks! as you can tell I am super bad at spelling... I usually just accept any spelling corrections made by the CPU. I blame it on phonics ;P