Monday, September 5, 2011

Bana-na-na-na-na -Naaaa *banjo

So I love fall, winter and pretty much anything that is cold so it allows me my whole other wardrobe filled with amazing things like pants (I refuse to wear them in the summer), boots, sweaters... amazing.  So today I was craving fall so much, and in my mind fall and "ho-downs" (what this really is or why it is called that I don't know) are synonymous and so I broke out my hillbilly-ish-yet-still-cute-ish outfit I could pull together.

Again dressing to where I wish I were I where... only this time it is in time (like Carmen Sandiego) 


  1. Very Cute!!
    I'm already dressing for fall as well. It's just the best season. At least for clothes.

  2. Ha Ha I love it :) Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly at Sweet Serendipity Design! :) Hope to see you there next week!