Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The awesomeness and not so awesomeness

I love when I find a cute dress for super cheap or in this case free!  And I love my necklace, my Father #2.  The great thing about dresses is also the worst thing about dresses: you can just throw them on.  Why that's a negative is there is a lot less diversity.  You can only wear it so many ways it, which is great for throwing it on but no so great for minimalism.  I'm personally a fan of dresses but I try and keep my dresses to less then 10 so I have more room in my closet for diversity in skirts and other bottoms.


  1. The dress is the print!
    I always thought you could only wear a dress one way. Since I started blogging I have learned so many tricks/ways from others about how to change things up and wear things other ways. Today, for example, I am wearing a dress with a shirt and a vest on top. I guess it depends on the style of dress as to how versatile it can really be. :o)

  2. I love the pattern on this dress