Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say yes to imperfections!

It's been a long day.  The list of to do's has gone undone because of things that had to be done... unforeseen.  "That day"... it was today for me.  I had my list of things that "had" to get done... but they did not get done.  After a long day of disappointment it was nice to know that we were having some friends over but not much time to get home and get food done.  

What do you do then?  How do you make yourself feel cute when you have no time.  

Ready for my secret?

It's huge!  

Have a back up.  My back ups range but a great default are jeans (make sure they fit your body well... staple for most closets) and a top you feel attractive in.  Have these back up outfits as your defaults for these situations. You know what I am talking about you already have your "defaults"... those outfits that you find yourself just falling back on.  Whether because they are comfortable, easy or they actually make you feel good.  Take this idea of defaults and take 20 min and mentally note some tops that fit the style of your jeans/pants.  Make sure they make you feel attractive/confident.  Nothing is more attractive than confidence.  Final touch throw on a necklace.  I have default necklace too.  Personally I lean more towards long necklaces that I can leave long or layer to make whatever length works with outfit.

You say impossible?  NO

This outfit was literally thrown on.  You think I am kidding I had literally 4 minutes before the guests arrived!

The key: you need to feel pretty.  Better than any accessory you can put on bag you can own: confidence in your beauty!  I love the idea that each person is like a snowflake: imperfect and beautiful.

So let's go out and have fun with our imperfections...


  1. LOVE this post! Hmmm I may steal that shirt from you :) LOVE it!

  2. It was FREE! Got to love hand me downs! And Clothing swaps

  3. Ooo, this is SUCH a cute outfit! I can't believe that you put it together in only 4 minutes. Great job! : )

  4. Thanks! I got the shirt only a little bit ago but I think that it will be a favorite only too quickly

  5. That seems to allllways happen to me. Run around getting everything ready and then zero time to get me ready!

  6. Right there with you... obviously ;P