Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All sewn up

From concept to reality (*big announcer voice).  After weeks of hard work? Well, work all the same.  After weeks of putting the pieces slowly together... 


Wait for it...

Dress is done!

Ok, so last I left was the skirt part was done, needing zipper and getting attached to the belt.

So after attaching the belt to the top and the skirt to the belt I noticed it was off a little?  Ok, so it was a bunch.  Decision time: do I undo all that I just do or do I leave it (imagine as I say it a grossed out face)

So I ripped up the dress I thought I had just been close to finished.  BUT only in a section to the left of the zipper so that it would match the right side.

After I ripped it out and I sewed it back, ripped it out and sewed it back... second times the charge?

Then on to pinning in the zipper again!  Ouch my fingers!  Pretty sure I suck them more than the dress

Zipper sewn in now to get the "tags" down

Perfect? I think not

I had extra material round the zipper so I snipped it out!

So here is my dress: ON!

My dress is not perfect... at all!  But I am proud of the first piece of clothes I ever sewed.  What's yours like? Silly yes, and why thanks I do look like I walked out of Sound of Music.  No, it wasn't my goal.  Yes, I am ok with it.  Why?


  1. I thought that it turned out wonderful!! LOVE IT!

  2. Gorgeous outfit!! You look fab!!

  3. Thanks! I blame that all on my husband and his talent with the camera