Friday, October 28, 2011

Left but not forgotten

I love holidays... pretty much all of them.  Though I must say I don't get flag day.  Halloween is close to my heart, not for its history, interesting as it may be, not for the vandalism of rotten eggs, smelly as they may be, but it is a night when most everybody is forced into letting themselves free to be a child again (slutty, for some, child maybe but I still count it as a child... calling for some attention I'll have you).  If there is one large regret for growing up for me it is that I left most my imagination and freedom to be silly (well, more silly than I am) behind. The fact that when I play pretend with kids it is work to me makes me sad.  I miss being the kid that didn't see the box but instead saw... well, anything.

So here's to acting like a kid for a night!  

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