Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Must haves 2011

Today I know everything, and I am sharing my depth of knowledge with you, are you feeling privileged yet?  Cause you should be, this is going to be some pretty awesome stuff ;P

Today I will download info that only I can, cause I'm that awesome.  Ok, for real though this post is all about fall basics.  

I like fads and trends but when it comes down to it I lean on the basics and then throw in a few "new tricks".  

Have to haves:
Opac black tights 
Skinny jeans  (if you like boots, other wise a nice trouser cut jean)
Leggings (great for warmth and wearing under skirts)
Go to skirt ( I like to have one that can be dressed up or down, and a little funky never hurts)
Long sleeve swoop neck shirt (great for layering and flattering for most every body type, lengthens the neck)
I included another long sleeve shirt,you can vary the neck line obviously
Go to sweater (I prefer a vintage feel to add "funk")
I included another sweater, you can go any which direction you want (I went button up)
Couple knee high socks
Boots (if I had to pick one pair I'd go black... but my sister would go brown, so it's up to your wardrobe)
Basic jacket (for fall I prefer the lighter side as to not get too hot with sweaters)
and obviously as with any season:
Good undershirt and bra. 

These somewhat few items can be transformed into over a month's worth of outfits

Small things like:
Statement purses 
Statement rings

These next photos are samples of outfits:













As for hot trends and fads!

This year as there is every year there are a lot to choose from.

 "hint of animal print" 
60's Plaid/ 60's look in general
Fur (this is in every year)
Mustard (pretty much anything in that color)
Maxi skirts (especially sheer)
Jade (dresses especially)
Tuxedos (especially white)
Polka Dots
"Hint of lace"
"Working Girl" dress
Parka (not the biggest fan of this one)
Bright bottoms (trousers, jeans,you name it)

My favorites of trends:
Maxi skirts
Polka dots (because they are awesome)
Fur (not really a fad but they like to think it is)
60's pretty much anything (vintage need I say more?)

Now go search your closet, be amazed at the fact you own most all of what you need to have a fabulous and fashionable fall!

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