Monday, May 23, 2011

The last. . . how can it be!

Slightly to do with fashion but mostly do to with awesome!

T Minus 
52 Days
11 Hours
and just over 30 minutes 

The last Harry Potter movie is coming out.  Yes, I do indeed have a deep and pitted affection for this lore.  Do I wish deep down to have my own wand... oh wait I do!

My husband, Chris, my sister, Sarah, a gaggle of friends and I are going at the midnight release.  You ask: could I wait?  Possibly but I am not going to!  

Not only are we going but we are going in garb.  I am in the process of making our uniforms.  step one: scarf! Yes, it is going to be July but you can't go in uniform without the much needed scarf.

 Step one: get yarn (and if you don't have them needles).  Be specific because you need to get your house's colors perfect!

Step two: start (if you don't know how to it is fairly simple but you may want to practice some before you start the endeavor to make your house scarf)  I used the knit/pearl method on the ones I have made thus far.

Step three: do the finishing touches.  Mind in those extra strands.  Make those tassels you know always wanted!

Step four: enjoy your spoils!

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