Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So when you can't decide. . .

I always see these rules in fashion.  The one that has stuck with me since childhood was the white pants after labor day.  There are so many rules in life.  Between work guidelines, school, government... you name it everyone has their own rules that you are supposed to follow.  

I am tired of rules.

I refuse to follow fashion rules.  It is one area of my life that I can say no and do!  Who cares what they say you should do.  Do you feel pretty?  Awesome.  Go for it then!  

I mean really, more than anything else confidence is what makes you glow, what makes people say "wow, did you see her/him".  So if you can rock cut off gloves and love them: wear them.  If you like pants well above your waist line: rock it!  If you like jeggings: get on with your bad self.  But whatever you do wear: 

Wear your clothes don't let them wear you.  Be YOU!

Don't let the "haters" get you down.  You can rock any style you want.  People say you are stuck in the 80's tell them "give it a decade and my style will be the hottest new thing!"  Fashion is circular, don't let them fool you.  There are only so many new ideas so don't let other bully you: just be you and love it!


  1. same! i am out to buy some white pants and i'm going to wear them all year long!

  2. Your blog has been well same post for a while i was wondering if you plain to post any more!