Monday, March 5, 2012

Childhood dreams coming virtually true

I was a weird child.  I mean for so many reasons I was an odd kid but namely I was odd because I desperately wanted braces.  I mean I used to pretend I had braces using my awesome jelly bracelets as pretend bands... I was that kid.  One of the only things I wanted more than braces as a kid was glasses.  A close friend of mine in Elementary school went a way and came back with eyeglasses and that's when I deemed it too awesome and I had to get a part.

My parents were not as understanding of my deep pitted desire to have amazing glasses.  They sat me down and explained that just because you like glasses or think they look cool doesn't mean you get glasses.  They proceeded to crash my dreams, when they took me to the eye doctor and he sided with them.  I was so dishearten that my parents actually popped the lenses out of a really old pair of my mother's glasses.  Though not as awesome as my own they worked for the amazing fashion look I was going for even with the eyeglasses frames being rather too large for my face .

As I got older I realized that glasses aren't the picnic that I thought they were when I was a child.  My mother, father and sister over the years has had to replace their glasses and every time I am surprised at the costs.  So much money.  So to my utter surprise and amazement not a week after my mother had to go through this whole hassle of getting a new pair of glasses and amazing company contacted me about doing a feature on their product.  I looked over site and read the reviews of their many users I was so encouraged by what I saw.  Their willingness to help their clients with their needs and customer service.  So after finding all what their users had to say about their company I agreed to tell you all about them; about a great way to save with buying glasses online.

I finally got to do it: I got to try on as many glasses I wanted. . . even if I don't get to take them home: maybe one day!

GlassesUSA not only do they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program they are giving all you lovely readers 50% of any pair of eyeglasses on all orders over $80 (Code: SPECIAL) and 10% off any order of prescription glasses (Code: Blog10).

So if you are in the market and ready to save on some amazingly fashionable frames GlassesUSA are ready and waiting to help you in anyway.

But hey, if you don't believe me check them out for yourselves, you'll be happy with what you find!

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  1. don't worry i was the same way the only diffrence was i did have to have braces for real! and i got reading glasses at one time.